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In Home Pet Euthanasia

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How will I know it’s the right time?

Look for changes in your pet:

  • No longer interested in playing
  • Becoming confused
  • Unable to stand on their own or difficulty walking/getting around
  • Having fewer “good” days

Frequently Asked Questions

Will euthanasia hurt'?

No, euthanasia does not hurt. The medication used is an overdose of anesthesia and your pet will not feel any discomfort.

How long does euthanasia take?

The whole processs is typically between 15-45 minutes. The first injection is a heavy sedative that will allow your pet to relax and get very comfortable.  The final injection is very fast acting and takes effect in about 30-60 seconds.  

 Why choose in-home euthanasia?

More and more people are learning about the beautiful option of in-home euthanasia for their pets.  No one ever says they want to spend their final moments in a hospital. The many benefits of in-home euthanasia:

  • The presence of family and friends
  • Allowing your pet to rest at home / no upsetting car ride
  • The presence of other pets

A Gift of Peace information About Pet Illnesses

Not everything you read on the internet is accurate. But some veterinarians collaborated to help clients have a better understanding of their pet's diseases. 

VeterinaryPartner.com is here to support you in the care of your companions by providing reliable, up-to-date animal health information.

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