A Gift of Peace

Home Pet Euthanasia in metro Charlotte including SC
Service Provided by
Dr. Veronica Gandara

Formerly Dr. Woodall


Veronica Gandara, DVM, (formerly Dr. Woodall) has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 14 years.  Becoming a vet was the fulfillment of a childhood dream.  Dr. G believes diagnosing a pet’s illness or pain and then healing that cat or dog is what feeds her soul.  From removing the sock the dog swallowed, to preventing homeless kittens by spaying, Dr. Gandara loves and cares, not only for her own eleven pets, but any that she comes into contact with.  

Dr. G grew up in the metro Atlanta area and when it came time to attend vet school she was thrilled to be accepted to the University of Georgia.  She achieved her degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the Spring of 2004.  Ready for an adventure she moved to the Carolinas.

Dr. Gandara was interviewed for The 11 o'clock news by Charlotte's WCNC channel 36.  Here is a link to the story "Keeping your pets safe in the heat".