Thank you for giving your pets a magnificent life,  full of love, care, and devotion.


Veronica Gandara, DVM

Formerly Veronica G.Woodall, DVM

Nancy S.
Waxhaw, NC

Dr. G came on short notice today and gently put our sweet kitty to sleep.   She was so very kind and explained everything.  She was sensitive to every need of mine and Molly's, and made a very sad situation as good as possible.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others.

Terri E.

Matthews, NC
Making the decision to help your pet cross over the rainbow bridge is one of the hardest decision to make. We were blessed that Dr. G was able to assist us in this emotional and difficult decision at the last minute. She was very patient, respectful and compassionate as we said goodbye to our beloved dog of 13 years. She made the horrible process bearable and we are forever grateful to her. She took the extra time to personally deliver the ashes right away. We would highly recommend her when the time comes to say goodbye.

​​Rosemary Q.
Waxhaw, NC
Our wonderful 11 1/2-year-old yellow 
lab, Amber had been in pain for quite a while. My husband and I did everything to make her as comfortable as possible including pain medication every day but her severe arthritis in her back legs just got worse. We called Dr. Gandara on the morning we knew it was just too much more for her to bear. She came that day several hours later and spent time with us as we processed the grief of having to say goodbye to our precious girl. She made every effort to be patient and caring and was very professional in how we said goodbye to our loving pet.  I highly recommend Dr. Gandara to anyone who wants to experience a private way to say goodbye to their pet. This is a vet who truly understands a pet owner’s feelings and respects the way a pet life ends in a loving and pain-free way.
Rosemary Q.  


R H.
Fort Mill, SC
Dr. Veronica G. Woodall is the most patient, thoughtful and compassionate person you can imagine.  When the time came to help our beautiful, sweet, Siberian Husky (Cruz) with his end of days she was his and our best gift possible.  She was absolutely kind and professional with him and patient with our emotional state.  He had a peaceful passing that was gentle and respectful.  We were saddened by every bit of this ordeal, but she made it possible for us to deal with the circumstances.  We could not recommend her enough - there has never been a doubt about her service and follow thru.  If you a facing a similar situation - do not hesitate to call her for help. It will be the best thing you can do or hope for given the circumstances.

Ray and Wanda H. - Indian Land, SC


Joanne H.
Charlotte, NC
Dr. Woodall was a godsend.  Scout, our 12 year old dog collapsed on a walk. We discovered that she had a tumor around her heart and that there was nothing we could do. We were heartbroken. We didn't want our sweet pup to suffer. Dr. Woodall came to our home gave Scout a peaceful transition to God's bed. Dr. Woodall was thoughtful, professional and truly gentle in the way she managed a very difficult time in our lives. I cannot recommend her enough. Saying goodbye is difficult. The way that Dr. Woodall managed the transition was beautiful.

Veronica C.
Gastonia, NC
We called Dr. Woodall to help us with our 12 year old Lab Tanner who had reached the end of his life. As a nurse I was surprised and relieved with how peaceful and gentle his passing was. Dr. Woodall was absolutely amazing with us and with Tanner. We would definitely use her services again and highly recommend her!

Glenn V.
Fort Mill, SC
My wife and I had to say goodbye to the best dog in the whole world...Blizzard (Blizzy). Blizzard was a purebred all white German Shepherd who gave us a great 13 and a half years. Blizzard's health was declining and unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye.

We needed a peaceful way for him to pass without him feeling anxious by going to the vet's office. Our Vet suggested A Gift of Peace.

Dr. Veronica Woodall came to our house from A Gift of Peace.   Dr. Woodall was so patient and very compassionate with us...a true professional at her work. She gave us plenty of time to say goodbye to Blizzard. If it wasn't for her lab coat, I would have thought she was a friend coming over to help us with Blizzard. 

Blizzard was a large dog...about 95 lbs.Cost of the service was $500. This included a clay paw print, cremation and ashes returned in a copper urn.  Dr. Woodall personally returned his ashes to us a few days later.

I definitely recommend A Gift of Peace.

Mark W.
Clover, SC
I needed help on short notice for my nine-year-old dog Bogey who was suffering from Hemangiosarcoma and was ready to cross over.  Dr. Woodall made time the very day I called and came to my home on time as promised. She quickly responded to my texts and communicated with me throughout the day to check in to see how everything was going before she arrived. She provided a very personable and professional experience during such a heartbreaking time. She didn't rush the procedure, was very informative, courteous and helped my Bogey cross over in peace and with dignity. I'm grateful for her services and would hire her again to help with my other beloved companions when it's their time. She demonstrated such compassion for both Bogey and myself and would recommend her services to anyone else looking to help their pets cross over with grace. My personal opinion and
preferenceis to have pets pass in the comfort of their own homes surrounded by their familiar, smells, sights and loved ones around and Dr. Woodall helped make this possible. I highly recommend Dr. Woodall's services and wish peace, comfort and love if you're facing losing a beloved family member.

Meredith P.
Fort Mill, SC
Dr. Woodall was absolutely wonderful and full of compassion during the most difficult time in our family.  She knew how heart-wrenching it was for us to say goodbye to our beloved 16-year-old cockapoo.  She was professional, kind, and just simply amazing.  She did a clay impression of our sweet boy's paw print and even played Amazing Grace.  She took her time with us and comforted us. She was so sweet and gentle with our beloved pup.  We knew that we needed someone to come to our home within a few hours, and we did not want to have our pup's final goodbye in the vet's office. We are so grateful that Dr. Woodall was able to come to our home on such short notice. We wanted to make our pup's final goodbye to be as beautiful as possible, and Dr. Woodall helped us make that happen. I truly cannot say enough good things about Dr. Woodall.

Stephanie K.
Charlotte, NC
I can't say enough about Dr. Woodall.  She was very kind, professional, and compassionate as we said goodbye to our beautiful Goldendoodle Mac.

Joleen C.
Charlotte, NC
Dr. Woodall was very professional and compassionate. She helped us through a very sad day, as we said goodbye to our 10 year old Boston Terrier, Tyson. Dr Woodall came to our home on short notice. Our dog went peacefully at home around loved ones. Dr. Woodall was kind and comforting during one of the hardest, most heartbreaking experiences.

Joette W.
Fort Mill, SC
I was relieved to find Dr. Veronica who came to our home in Fort Mill SC.  I had a hard time finding someone to come to our home as most vets in our area are only licensed for NC for in-home euthanasia.  Dr. Veronica was a great comfort to us during this difficult time.  She came to our house to help us say good-bye to our beloved dog.  My 3 children were present as well and she was very good with them. I was glad I did not have to bring him to the vet and we could stay in the privacy and comfort of our own home.  It cost us about $400 and we chose the private cremation.  I highly recommend Dr. Veronica.

Geni C.
Rock Hill, SC
We made the decision to not allow our Precious boxer, Denver, to suffer after we tried to treat his cancer. It all happened very suddenly. We wanted this to be done in our home, in his bed and with us. It had to be done that day. We tried several places, and we were told it would be a few days. That was not an option for us. We thought we would have to take him to our vet. I called the last place I found on the Internet and a very nice doctor highly recommended Dr. Woodall. I called and she was available to come whenever we needed her! She was a godsend!! She was amazing! I could feel her love for animals (she had tears in her eyes). She was very professional and caring. We were very impressed with her and would recommend her to anyone having to make this decision. It really is a gift of peace for your pet. I can't thank her enough! I love my clay paw print she made for us.

Jamie M.
Lincolnton, NC
My dog Patch of 14 years had came to a point where he could not longer go on. Dr. Woodall came to my house  and explained everything to me. She was very kind and caring. It meant so much to me for Patch to go in peace at the place where he had lived all his life. She was God send! It was my first time ever having to do this. She helped me so much. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need. I can't thank her enough.

Karen S.
Fort Mill, SC
A couple weeks ago I had to make the tough decision to put down my 16 year old Schnauzer. It was one of the hardest decisions I've made in many years. I reached out to several places that provide this service, but most could not help me for several weeks. Finally I was directed to Dr. Veronica Woodall.  I am so glad I made that connection. I knew she was as busy as everyone else, yet she made my situation a priority. Upon her arrival, it was obvious that not everyone in the house was in agreement or ready to let Rocco go. She handled the situation beautifully. She was so patient with our pain. I know she would have sat with us half the night if that was necessary.  I so appreciate Dr. Woodall and her compassionate spirit. Lord knows, she was exactly what we needed on that difficult day.

Andrew C.
Fort Mill, SC
Tootiegirl our badass 17-year-old cat passed away with dignity and grace because of Dr. Woodall and her service. Dr. Woodall's demeanor and kindness helped our family immensely. Dr. Woodall played Amazing Grace on her tin whistle and it was a beautiful sendoff.  Another note this type of service--don't wait too long. Tootiegirl was able to walk into the back yard and enjoy her last evening but if we would have waited a few days longer she well may have been cowering in the closet. Scheduling your pet's euthanasia is odd and the hours preceding the appointment are excruciating, but after, a lot of the grief is gone. If you're on the fence about this type of service call Dr. Woodall and she'll talk you through everything.

Kay C.
Rock Hill, SC
Recently I had to make the heartbreaking decision to put my best friend Joan "Jett" to sleep.  At 17, Jett had been through it all, survived an autoimmune disease, cancer three and half years ago and so much more.  Recently the cancer returned and we tried to make the most out of the last few months with her.  We wanted to make the right decision for her and make sure that even her last day with us was the best day possible.  We knew we wanted to let her go before she began facing bad days.  We contacted Dr. Veronica Woodall and she was amazing.

We decided on the day and she came to our house in Rock Hill, SC.  She was so patient and so kind to my whole family.  She let us take our time and I was able to hold my girl in my arms for a long time before she finally was put to sleep.  She was not afraid and she was surrounded by her things and her family.  Dr. Woodall explained everything to us and helped us make decisions on the cremation and return of her ashes.  She made a paw print for us and even played Amazing Grace for us.  Jett loved music (hence the name and while Amazing Grace is a long way from I Love Rock and Roll), I think Jett approved.

Nothing could have made this an easy experience but Dr. Woodall sure made it bearable.  I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants the best possible "last day" for their animal.

Lora H.
Chester, SC
This was a very difficult decision for my husband and myself. Lady had been with us for many years and was our child. I wanted her home and my Vet had given me the information on A gift of Peace. Veronica was so patient and kind. She explained the process in detail and even gave us as much time as we needed. It wasn't a rush, rush visit.
Lady went to sleep in our home and in her bed where she was relaxed and not frightened. That meant the world to us.
Thank you Veronica Woodall for making a most difficult time very special.
Rob and Lora Swisher
Chester, SC

Kellie K.
Charlotte, NC
Our sweet, 15-year-old cat, Melvin, had reached the end of his days, but we didn't want his life to end at the vet, a place he hated going. We had arranged for another company to come out on a Thursday, but by Tuesday morning, we knew we couldn't wait any longer. We called Dr. Woodall, and she was available Tuesday evening, and she even drove from north Charlotte to Fort Mill.

I was already crying and snotting when she walked in the door, and she was so sympathetic and caring. She explained how everything would work and got down on the kitchen floor with us and Melvin. She even called him sweet potato and rubbed his belly.

The whole process took maybe 30 minutes, and she took a paw print on stationary (clay is available, too). She takes away your pet and arranges cremation along with ash return.

Everything cost $400, and it was money well-spent. Dr. Woodall provides such a comforting service during such an awful time when you're at your most vulnerable, and she does it with professionalism and compassion.

Rosemarie W.
Clover, SC
We knew it was time to let Landy, a 16-year-old Australian Shepherd mix go. However, we did not want him put to sleep in a vet clinic, which made him anxious and stressed. We found out about "A Gift of Peace" and Dr. Veronica Woodall. She arrived well prepared and explained in a professional manner the process of euthanasia.  Landy was resting on his favorite bed when she administered a sedative first, after 30 seconds or so, he was lightly snoring. Dr. Woodall then administered the final injection and Landy stopped breathing shortly thereafter.
She handled the whole process in a professional, comforting and sympathetic manner. 
Thank you, Dr. Woodall for your much needed service.